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Receiving a treatment at Urb Organic Spa can only be compared to experiencing a small taste of heaven while still living on earth. There’s something about Mirjana’s hands, the ambience she creates, the luxurious products, the flow, the music and the total respect of the client’s needs throughout the treatment that is transformative and magical. In the experience that it creates, Urb can proudly compete with any luxury spa, anywhere!” – Sharon Bar-David, Toronto

My facial is the one hour of the month when I am absolutely guaranteed relaxation – I can always count on it. In addition to the great organic products used in the facial and sold at the spa, I love the neck, shoulder, and scalp massage. I am never left alone for the entire facial – Mirjana uses every minute to do something wonderful for my skin. In addition to her deft touch, she is very knowledgeable and promotes a holistic approach to wellness.” – Anonymous

The perfect balance of a thorough yet luxurious facial. From the moment I stepped inside, I felt peaceful– every detail is zen. Mirjana handed me a warm Rooibos tea and carefully listened to my regimen. The deep pore cleansing facial left my skin supple and glowing, without a trace red. And the foot massage was soo relaxing. Mirjana is amazing. I didn’t want to leave, and can’t wait to return.” -Kitmene, Toronto

I’m so glad I found this spa!
Fantastic facial!!!
I’ll be back.”
– Denise, North York

I love the facial by Mirjana, it’s total bliss after each facial. It’s also a real treat for my hands and feet, my scalp and my neck. Mirjana is very professional and makes you feel so relaxed, I don’t know where I would go if she didn’t open this spa.” – Sossana, Toronto

I can’t believe I waited this long to try a facial by Mirjana. It was the most amazing experience! Originally I had thought about getting a facial once every few months, but after having one done by her I know I need this every month. I have never encountered someone as thorough as Mirjana – I am astounded at the quality of her services, from waxing to facials. To top it all off, I never have to worry about the type of products she uses, because she is dedicated to using only the best. There is quite simply no one like Mirjana in Toronto. Urb Organic Spa is a hidden gem in this city and I am so lucky to have found her! I will be a loyal customer for life and will tell everyone I know. Thank you Mirjana!” – Emily Rossini, Toronto

I recently had an Urb Organic Facial, and it was, hands down, the best facial I have ever experienced. I was relaxed beyond belief – I kept falling asleep but forced myself to stay awake to thoroughly enjoy Mirijana’s touch. The product used on my skin felt extremely nourishing, and my skin was glowing by the end of it – not a single mark or irritation, and it was thoroughly decongested. I can’t wait till the next time I get to experience this. Thank you Mirijana!” – Anna, Toronto

In a world where convenience is key I take the TTC from Front and Spadina, where there are a million spas a stone’s throw away, all the way to Mount Pleasant for a facial. If you are wondering why I would do that then you have obviously never had a treatment by Mirjana…and you simply must! The holistic approach to skin care in combination with her magic touch make Mirjana amazing at what she does.” – Izabella, Toronto

I finally had time to get a facial at Urb Organic Spa & am so glad I did. Slavi was my esthetician, & she was so friendly. She asked about my skin regimen & also gave me tips on what to try. I had oxygen added to my facial which was such a treat. I bought a skin moisturizer to try at home. My skin is glowing & I hope to keep it that way. Will definitely come back for another facial!” – Hazel, Toronto

I have just finished my third visit with Alla at Urb Organic Spa. I am thrilled with each and every facial I have received from Alla. Alla not only gives you an outstanding facial, but accompanies the facial with an extraordinary massage to your head, back, neck, arms and hands, legs and feet. Your whole body benefits and your body is totally relaxed at the completion of her massage. You are not left alone during your appointment. You are totally catered to throughout your visit. I have never experienced the total facial massage that is included with their anti-aging facial. Alla ensures absolutely nothing is overlooked. Every detail is attended to at Urb Organic Spa. I am overjoyed I started attending this spa and am delighted with the results.
Thank you Alla for such a pleasurable and beneficial experience. You rate a *****(Five star) recommendation. “
– Marilyn Young

Had another facial at Urb just last week. It was the January special & I came in with a cold after making sure it was ok with the owner. Mirjana told me the facial would help me feel better as it would detoxify me. It sure did! I also had my monthly acupuncture tune up the same day & I felt significantly better. Katrina was great with the massage & facial.” – Hazel, Toronto

The strip on Mount Pleasant (north of Davisville and south of Eglinton) have some really great restaurants, shops, and spas including …
My pal got me a gift certificate for an anti-aging facial at Urb Organic Spa back in November, but Mirjana didn’t have an opening in her schedule until January! It was worth the wait as my facial was amazing. Urb Organic uses organic beauty products, which are gentle to your face. The shoulder, scalp and foot massages were so relaxing as well. There were definitely periods when I dozed off because it was so calming.
I feel so refreshed and can’t wait to come back again.
Good for: facials, waxing “
– Mariko, Toronto

My experience at Urb Organic Spa has been phenomenal. Not only do I observe the benefits of all treatments, I most enjoy the relaxing, clean and professional services that I receive when I am there. I highly recommend any of the treatments. A first rate experience.” – Jane